Central Heating

Central Heating
Worcester Bosh and Vaillant trained
Only Gas Safe Registered Company are allowed to work on Gas Appliances

Cp12 Landlord Gas Safety Check

As a landlord letting a residential property, you have a legal duty to ensure it’s safe for your tenants. This means you’re required by law to get a Gas Safe registered engineer to do an annual gas safety check on all gas appliances - and it’s the results of these checks that are recorded in your Landlord Gas Safety Record. You’ll receive a copy, and you’ll need to provide a record of this check to your tenants.

Boiler service/repair

Boiler is an important appliance in each propertyWhich supplies your home with Hot water and heating during the winter.Keeping it serviced is very important for your house , health and comfort.Manufacturers recommend an annual service and each 5 years a complex service to avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs.You must ensure that the engineer is Gas Safe Registered to be able to work on your appliance.

Boiler installation

A new boiler is always pleasant and gives you a piece of mind for a long time to come.A proper investigation of the property is needed to make an accurate quote and choose the right appliance for your needs , budget and room layout.Each property has different plumbing solutions applied, for each of them there is a product to cover.The main requirement would be Gas pipe supply diameter, position of the boiler,type of system, and heat required for a perfect comfort in the house.


The water in the heating system can be considered as a closed circle, where the same water circulates through the boiler which heats up the radiator pushed by the circulating pump.Constant thermal actions over the years cause the water to become acidic which will corrode all metal components producing metal particles, sludge which will damage radiators,pump ,valves,and boiler to failure. With the help of powerful magnets in combination with proper chemicals a correct PH of the water can be achieved.This procedure is noisy , takes at least a full day of work. An inspection visit and pretreatment is required to achieve the best results.Up to 10 radiators £450, up to 20 radiators £650. Chemicals included.

Radiator valve replacement

When radiator valves start to leak, obviously is time to replace them.The system needs to be drained to allow working on radiators and replace the components.A thermostatic head will help adjust and manage each radiator temperature for a correct heat output where and when needed. Final part is to bleed the system which avoids unpleasant noises and oxidation of the heating water along with chemical treatment.Time required on average 1 hr work. Minimum visit charge applied plus parts required to finish the job.

Radiator installation/repositioning

Sometimes when doing refurbishment moving radiator is required for any reasonTo be able to work on them, drain the system is required along with pipe adjusting and new valves installed.Final part is to bleed the system which avoids unpleasant noises and oxidation of the heating water along with chemical treatment.Chargeable visit and price on assessment

Zone valve replacement

Requires the Heating system to be drained and only after that, the part replaced followed by a complete radiator bleeding.

Pump replacement

A key component of the heating system responsible for circulating water in the heating system.When it comes to replacing the pump, an investigation of water quality is needed to establish the cause not only replace the component. Power Flush of the heating system is advisable.

Heating System balance

A procedure used to distribute evenly the heat in the house, avoiding cold spots, equal rise in temperature when heating is switched on.Chargeable visit.

Immersion heater replacement

Components of hot water cylinders used to heat electrically the water for domestic use. The procedure involves draining the cylinder,allowing safe replacement of the part.Chargeable visit and price on assessment plus part replaced cost.

Unvented hot water cylinder installation/Servicing

Hot water unvented cylinders need servicing to keep them safe to use.During service visit will be checked all security devices which protect the cylinder from overpressure due to thermal expansion of water. A regular service would prevent pressure losses and good health of the component.

Installation of a new Hot water cylinder sometimes is needed and avoids future breakdowns for a hassle free life.All new or replacement of hot water cylinders involves plumbing and electrical connections to existing pipework and floor reinforcing to support the weight.

Heating system pressure loss

Heating system can be considered a closed circle where the same water circulates over. A pressure loss indicates a fault which needs investigation.A cause can be boiler components failure, leak, hot water cylinder failure.An invention is needed , and different solutions can be used to solve the problem.Chargeable visit and price on assessment plus part replaced cost.

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