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Tap replacement

Replacement of a kitchen tap involves disconnecting the existing,checking for water tightness all isolating valves, adjusting pipework to fit the replacement tap and install new tap making sure is properly fixed,correct water feeds attached.Requires on average 1 hour min work.Chargeable visit plus parts to complete the job.

Tap cartridges repairs

A cheaper solution suitable for old fashioned taps,But also a forced solution for most expensive brands.An easy job with the right spare parts which can save an expensive replacement of the tap.The cost directly depends on the cost of the spare parts.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete

Hot water boiling taps

A great piece of kit which merges more function in one. A standard looking kitchen tap with hidden extra functions perfect for all kitchen lovers. Will produce boiling hot water,filtered water, and of course hot and cold water supply.The kit comes with a water filter, hot water heater,tap and flexible pipes connections. Usually installed under the sink sacrificing space under the sink.Requires on average 4 hr to complete the job.P.O.A

Water filter installation

A great solution for a clean and hassle free glass of tasty and treated water with no more heavy water bottles and plastics from the supermarket.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.A

Stopcock replacement

All of the households usually have 2 stopcoks, 1 on the street for communal service, and one inside the property for maintenance purposes.Replacing the stopcock requires to stop the water at the entrance of the house, replace with a new part for your piece of mind and open the water back again.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.A

Sink replacement

There are wide different models, shapes, designs and materials used to create a sink.Each sink replacement will require adapting the worktop to the new model, adjusting the waste pipes,and connecting the tap for a perfect further use.Requires on average 3-6 hours.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.A

Sink Garbage disposal unit

A great solution for the kitchen. It works by grinding and shredding solid food waste, using centrifugal force.On average compatible with most sinks,but needs space for the motor below.The existing sink waste will be removed and installed with the new one with some waste pipe modification to suit the new layout.Requires in between 2-3 hours work plus parts to complete the job.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.A

Sink blockage

Common issue due to waste water,washing machine and dishwasher connected to the waste system.All kitchen disposal water contains grease, soap,cleaning products which over time deposits at the bottom of the pipe slowing down the flow and consequently causing blockages.There are 2 most used approaches:Knowingly plunge it to move the water inside the pipes.Mechanical with the use of dedicated tools to clear the path.Hourly rate charged job due to the nature of the problem.No warranty on any type of blockages.

Appliances installation

Requires the old appliance to be taken out, adjust pipework and waste pipes, replace the cold water feed valve,install the new appliance making sure it is fitted correctly.Does not include carrying appliances into the property and disposal.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.

Garden tap installation

Requires pass-through wall hole, and pipe connection to the main line.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.A

Leak finding

Whenever you see a strange yellowish patch on the sealing, moisture near the toilet,sink ,basin or under the bath you know there is a leak.Leak tracing can be hard to spot and sometimes involves opening the walls or cupboards.If spotted in time will prevent further water damage with a very expensive repair.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.A

Electric showers

Small versatile used to produce hot water with only a cold supply.Repair is possible but not always economically viable.Replacement like for likeMinimum 1 hour job plus shower kit costNew installation requires running new plumbing and a new electrical wire where a Qualified electrician is needed to connect to the main power line supply.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.A

Shower screen installation

If the shower screen is leaking, there is 2 options .Reseal ,replace the rubber gaskets and adjust where needed to preserve the existing construction.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.AReplace with a new model of your choice, suitable for layoutRequires dismantling the old part, preparing the surface, installing as per instructions a new kit, Adjust gaps, within permissible, reseal and check for functioning and leaks.Disposal service is available for an extra charge.

Shower mixer valves repair service

Great looking in a modern and designer shower, or bath with only controles exposed for an automatic temperature adjustment.These automatic mixer valves suffer from limescale problems which stop them working properly..The only option is to replace the internal cartridge which is known as a thermostatic cartridge valve. An expensive part which makes his system be so versatile and pleasant to use.Requires 1 visit to identify the part number and order, and 2 visit to actually fit the part.

Shower tray / Bath reseal

The Most used in everyday life, for its efficiency, water saving.Lots of leaks problems are caused by the shower tray which is not water tight after intensive (multiple?) use. The gap in between tiles and shower pan needs to be mechanically cleaned,prepared and resealed with a special sanitary silicone.Is advisable not to use the shower for at least 3 hours after application for sealant to dry.Requires at least 2 hours labour plus parts to complete the job.

Toilet installation

When the time comes to replace an old unfixable toilet you need to know what's behind replacing it.First of all, the old toilet has to come out, check the floorboards and surface, prepare the cold feed on the right side for a new model, check, inspect and modify the 4” outlet pipe to match with exact heights and distances for more modern toilet designs. Where a plastic waste pipe is fitted, the position of the toilet can be adjusted or moved slightly, where a cast iron pipe is already installed, the same position has to be maintained.Price starting from £250 plus any other materials needed to complete the job. Requires 3-6 hours labour plus parts to complete the job

Toilet repair service

Most of the toilets can be repaired. The most common repair is replacing flush valve and fill valve(water inlet valve).Concealed toilets are more expensive to repair as their more complex system is used. Usually, the access is very difficult which sometimes forces us to almost dismantle everything around to fix the issue.Chargeable Visit plus parts to complete the job.P.O.A

Bath and basin blockages

Blockages in the bathroom are very common, are usually caused by hair, cleaning products and are located within bathroom pipework.Commonly a blockage is an indication that the waste pipework needs attention because it can be a consequence of a bigger blockage within the common waste pipe or sewage caused by tree roots, wet wipes accumulation, collapsed drains.

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